Pictures and Bit Rot

Posted on March 6th, 2011 by admin

Pictures -
1. It was a very impressive fire! Several years ago a fish wholesale building on the docks in Boston went up in flames. I remember hearing one of the owners saying that the building could be replaced, but the dozens of pictures on the walls were lost forever. So, if you have those kinds of pictures hanging on your walls, take a moment and either scan them as a digital photo or take a good quality picture of them, and save them!
2. “Bit Rot” is the term to describe the eventual decay/corruption of data (letters, spreadsheets, PICTURES, VIDEOS, etc.) on hard disks and other storage devices. In other words, you properly stored your precious and irreplaceable “stuff”, but how long will it be safe from decay (and thus loose your ability to retrieve them)? The link below takes you to 40Tech (a site I go to often) and gives you some storage information and suggestions.

Have a picture-perfect day!

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