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August 28th, 2011

Many of you may or may not know that I am a chaplain with the Mass Corps of Fire Chaplains. In this capacity, ten years ago, I had the privilege of going on two deployments to Ground Zero. The first one was at the morgue, while the second one I actually helped with digging on The Pile. As I have re-read my experiences from a decade ago and looked at the pictures I took, I decided to put them on this post to remind us of the horror of those events, as well as a reflection of the hope that can come out of it.

This first link is an extended writing of the activities of my first deployment.
Chaplain’s Report

This second link is a shorter reflection three months later on Christmas 2001.
Christmas 2001

This third link describes the cross that was discovered buried in the rubble after the collapse of the World Trade Towers. It also includes several pictures.
The Cross At Ground Zero


July 23rd, 2011

I look at my cell phone and wonder if Alexander Graham Bell could have ever imagined what his invention has become in 2011.
In the same way, I look at the linked video below and wonder if Beethoven could have ever imagined his composition being played in such a unique way.
Take 3 minutes (or 6, if you’re like me and replayed it right away!) and relax through an engineering feat that is guaranteed to soothe the soul.
Message to Garcia

July 23rd, 2011

I’ve read a lot of books, magazines and articles over the years and, I must confess, I don’t remember most of them. However, over 20 years ago I read “A Message to Garcia” and what it said has stayed with me ever since. I have applied its “message” to everything I do (especially the work I do for you as Precision Cabling). I hope you find it inspirational and that it will stay with you a long time.
PS – Feel free to share Message with your employees and your kids!
Just “A Message to Garcia”
The original 1899 pamphlet that contains Message and the author’s back ground information
The first hand account of Colonel Andrew Summers Rowan, the person who took the message to Garcia
Celebrating the Season

July 23rd, 2011

As we celebrate Pesach (Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech Ha-Olam, boreh p’ri ha-gafen.) and Easter (“He is risen!” “He is risen indeed!”), the comics, B.C., by Johnny Hart always come to my mind.
Pictures and Bit Rot

March 6th, 2011

Pictures -
1. It was a very impressive fire! Several years ago a fish wholesale building on the docks in Boston went up in flames. I remember hearing one of the owners saying that the building could be replaced, but the dozens of pictures on the walls were lost forever. So, if you have those kinds of pictures hanging on your walls, take a moment and either scan them as a digital photo or take a good quality picture of them, and save them!
2. “Bit Rot” is the term to describe the eventual decay/corruption of data (letters, spreadsheets, PICTURES, VIDEOS, etc.) on hard disks and other storage devices. In other words, you properly stored your precious and irreplaceable “stuff”, but how long will it be safe from decay (and thus loose your ability to retrieve them)? The link below takes you to 40Tech (a site I go to often) and gives you some storage information and suggestions.


Have a picture-perfect day!

Dropbox – storage and access to your files anywhere

January 28th, 2011

Have you ever been at home and needed a file from your office? Have you ever edited a document on your desktop computer, and then wanted to access the edited copy on your laptop? Do you need off site storage of your important files so if a disaster happened (fire, flood, theft of your computer, hard disk crash, etc.), you could get everything back? What would happen if all these questions could be answered with one product? Enter Drop Box (www.dropbox.com). It’s more than simply an off site storage program. It also syncs all your files so wherever you access them, you always have the most up to date copy. Think of it as having a computer system where your files are both on your own hard drive and also on an Internet “cloud” server. (Hook a few computers together and you have a “virtual” server for your office or home!) Check out www.dropbox.com for more details. OBTW – I use it and highly recommend it to people!

Malwarebytes & New Trojan

October 25th, 2010

This one (ThinkPoint) is very deceptive and looks just like Microsoft:

Steps to prevent malware/Trojans from infecting your computer:
1. Try and stay away from questionable web sites.
2. Download and install malwarebytes immediately! (Go to filehippo.com and put “malwarebytes” in the search box.) Let it install itself, run its updates and check your system. Many malware and Trojans come as little pieces and wait for all the pieces to be on your computer before they show themselves.
3. If you do get this ThinkPoint one or any “Anti-Virus 2010″ types, DO NOT click to close it. Follow the directions in the youtube above. (Simply go to the Start button, reboot your computer and run Malwarebytes as soon as it boots up. If you click on anything else you will probably install the Trojan and it will be much harder to rid it from your computer.)
4. Run malwarebytes and spybot (also available at filehippo.com) on a regular basis. (Weekly if you do a lot of web work to monthly if you only go to regular sites.)

CMR or CMP data cable? One could be deadly in a fire -

June 16th, 2010

Data and voice cable is classified as either CMR or CMP. CMR (sometimes called Riser) uses PVC plastic which gives off toxic fumes when it burns. In addition, it drops little flaming balls of fire as it burns along the cable. CMP (sometimes called Plenum) uses a different plastic which does not give off the same toxic fumes. According to code, if your cabling is exposed to your ventilation system (it’s in the office area or it’s in open, ventilation space above the ceiling), it needs to be plenum. For safety reasons, Precision Cabling only uses plenum voice and data cables. Check the writing on your cables and see whether you have CMR or CMP cables