Malwarebytes & New Trojan

Posted on October 25th, 2010 by admin

This one (ThinkPoint) is very deceptive and looks just like Microsoft:

Steps to prevent malware/Trojans from infecting your computer:
1. Try and stay away from questionable web sites.
2. Download and install malwarebytes immediately! (Go to and put “malwarebytes” in the search box.) Let it install itself, run its updates and check your system. Many malware and Trojans come as little pieces and wait for all the pieces to be on your computer before they show themselves.
3. If you do get this ThinkPoint one or any “Anti-Virus 2010″ types, DO NOT click to close it. Follow the directions in the youtube above. (Simply go to the Start button, reboot your computer and run Malwarebytes as soon as it boots up. If you click on anything else you will probably install the Trojan and it will be much harder to rid it from your computer.)
4. Run malwarebytes and spybot (also available at on a regular basis. (Weekly if you do a lot of web work to monthly if you only go to regular sites.)

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