Dropbox – storage and access to your files anywhere

Posted on January 28th, 2011 by admin

Have you ever been at home and needed a file from your office? Have you ever edited a document on your desktop computer, and then wanted to access the edited copy on your laptop? Do you need off site storage of your important files so if a disaster happened (fire, flood, theft of your computer, hard disk crash, etc.), you could get everything back? What would happen if all these questions could be answered with one product? Enter Drop Box (www.dropbox.com). It’s more than simply an off site storage program. It also syncs all your files so wherever you access them, you always have the most up to date copy. Think of it as having a computer system where your files are both on your own hard drive and also on an Internet “cloud” server. (Hook a few computers together and you have a “virtual” server for your office or home!) Check out www.dropbox.com for more details. OBTW – I use it and highly recommend it to people!

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