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Many of you may or may not know that I am a chaplain with the Mass Corps of Fire Chaplains. In this capacity, ten years ago, I had the privilege of going on two deployments to Ground Zero. The first one was at the morgue, while the second one I actually helped with digging on The Pile. As I have re-read my experiences from a decade ago and looked at the pictures I took, I decided to put them on this post to remind us of the horror of those events, as well as a reflection of the hope that can come out of it.

This first link is an extended writing of the activities of my first deployment.
Chaplain’s Report

This second link is a shorter reflection three months later on Christmas 2001.
Christmas 2001

This third link describes the cross that was discovered buried in the rubble after the collapse of the World Trade Towers. It also includes several pictures.
The Cross At Ground Zero

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